"Experience Inner Freedom Now…"

Do you find that you constantly experience the same negative stressful situations repeatedly during your life?

How often have you asked, “What’s wrong with the world?” And have never been able to reach any real conclusions?

Do you long to reach a level of freedom and inner peace, yet you are constantly faced with turmoil and violence?

How often have you searched, looking for answers, whether it is in a religion, a spiritual guru, or a secret society, that will teach you how to develop the power to master all of life’s pain and suffering? After following many years of affiliation with different groups, you begin to realize that you are asking the same questions and still not having any real understanding.

Zadore has said there are no Masters, secret schools or gurus who can lead you to experience that state of inner freedom, which is the right of every human being.

You can’t put a price on knowledge and understanding, which is not a worldly commodity, because in consciousness the only wealth is Light and freedom.

Zadore’s Transmissions are composed of the higher knowledge, which is not of the world, and are written in plain language. They teach the value of self-observation, which reveals that everyone is asleep to their true consciousness and is unable to experience the truth of their being. When you change the way you think and feel, and see how your negative attitudes and emotions create a barrier that separates you from being what you truly are, only then can you begin to transform your sensual nature, develop a new being, and experience your oneness in Self.

In the VOLAH Transmissions Series Two, we read: "These Transmissions aim to move your consciousness beyond the Illusion and return it to the level of being that you have forgotten. Because of your Personality's identification with the Illusion, you believe that you are an individual, and are unaware of your separation in consciousness from Self.

Self waits to be discovered and, transcendent as it is in its own Essence, we cannot find it outside our own existence in a material body. We must remain faithful to our existence and Self if we are to share the creative impulse and serve its hidden purpose. To do this we need to develop our contact with Essence now, and end all our self-centered relationship with the Illusional material aspect of our being.

"Roll back the stone that blocks the flow of Truth from entering your consciousness, and awaken the power of the inner Light." 

That Zadore has given us these Transmissions, means that we not only take the truths into our lives but also make them available to those who seek to break free from the claims of the Illusion. Rejoice in your life, because you have worked to become released from all repetition and recurrence in the Illusion. When you return, awakened, to your previous level of consciousness, you will lead others to a higher level of understanding of life and consciousness. Now you will have a life experience that is beyond the repetitive nature experienced by humanity locked in the Illusion.

The VOLAH has no worldly organization but only an administrative outlet responsible for the distribution of the Transmissions, and this web site fulfills this need.

You will find, when studying the Transmissions, that there are no dogmas, rituals or rules imposed on the student. There are no controls on how anyone should think and behave, because once you know and live the Truth, you live in the consciousness of Light, because then you are no longer bound to the sensual passions that chain your consciousness to the world and Illusion.

Roll back the stone that blocks the flow of Truth from entering your consciousness, and awaken the power of the inner Light.

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